Xbox Game Pass adds 5 new games between November 17th and 18th

The subscription service of Xbox Microsoft’s Game Pass quickly became one of the best values ​​in all games, thanks to new games being added regularly. Between November 17 and 18, Microsoft added five more games to the Xbox Game Pass, including three completely new releases on the first day. Anyone with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass in the cloud, consoles Xbox and PC can check games now.

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On November 17th, Next Space Rebels was added to Xbox Game Pass, while the other four games were added on November 18th. Fae Tactics and My Friend Pedro are two games that have been on the market for some time and, in fact, My Friend Pedro was. already been to Xbox Game Pass in the past. The other three new games Xbox Game Pass, Exo One, Next Space Rebels and UnDungeon are the three releases of the first day.

Exo One is a sci-fi exploration game in which players control an alien spacecraft, with gameplay that is somewhat reminiscent of Flower. Next Space Rebels is another sci-fi oriented game as players create rockets and launch them into space. UnDungeon, meanwhile, is an action RPG and although it is listed as coming to the Xbox Game Pass today doesn’t seem to have been added at the time this book was written, though it’s probably just a technical issue of some sort.

new games from Xbox Game Pass

  • Exo One (cloud / console / PC)
  • Fae Tactics (cloud / console / PC)
  • My Friend Pedro (Cloud / Console / PC)
  • Next Space Rebels (Nuvem / Console / PC)
  • UnDungeon (cloud / console / PC)

Microsoft does not announce when games Xbox Game Pass will leave the service until they have a few weeks to go before they are removed, so it’s not clear how long subscribers will have access to these titles. However, there should be plenty of time to play with them and then some. Considering this, some subscribers of Xbox Game Pass may prefer to prioritize playing games that will leave the service at the end of November.

There are eight games coming out of Xbox Game Pass on November 30, 2021, including Call of the Sea, FIFA 19, Football Manager 2021, Football Manager 2021: XBox Edition, Haven, Hello Neighbour, Morkredd and Va-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action. It has also been confirmed that Destiny 2 will leave the Xbox Game Pass on December 8th. As always, subscribers to Xbox Game Pass can get a 20% discount if they decide to permanently buy any of these games while they are still available.

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